The Protogenoi SagaEdit


Zachery AureliusEdit

Zach Aurelius

Zachery Aurelius is the narrator and main protagonist in The Protogenoi Saga. He is the leader of the first group of demigods, and is a speculated son of a sky deity.

Jade RomanoEdit

Jade Romano

Jade Romano is Zach's best friend, and is a speculated daughter of a water or ocean deity.

Lance TrentEdit

Lance Trent

Lance Trent is Zack's best friend, and is a specualted son of an earth or death deity.

Serena EnriquezEdit

Serena Enriquez

Serena Enriquez and is a speculated daughter of a plant deity, and appears after her mother sends her too Zach, Jade, and Lance.

Wolfgang GuerraEdit

Wolfgang Guerra

Wolf is the leader of the second group of demigods (Sebastian, Rose, Miranda). Like the others, his parentage is unknown, but it is speculated that his godly parent is a darkness or night deity.

Sebastian DiazEdit

Sebastian Diaz

Sebastian is a speculated son of a fire or light deity.

Rosalind FordEdit

Rosalind Ford

Rose is a speculated daughter of a day or light deity.

Miranda WestEdit

Miranda West

Miranda is a speculated daughter of a night or darkness deity.

The Yggdrasill SagaEdit


Dustin MagnusEdit

Dustin Magnus

Dustin is a son of Vidar, the god of strength, stealth, and vengeance. He is the narrator of the Yggdrasill Saga, and Co-leader of the (?)

Christine PayneEdit

Christine is a daughter of Thor.

Finn BiørnEdit

Finn is a son of Hel.

Tanya FitzgeraldEdit

Tanya is a daughter of Odin.

Karen YinEdit

Karen is a daughter of Njord.

Richard DevineEdit

Rick is a son of Loki.


Aaron GorianEdit

Aaron is a son of Heimdall.

Emma DaneEdit

Emma is a daughter of Frigg.

Grace SesqueEdit

Grace is a daughter of Skadi.

Harry CosterEdit

Harry is a son of Aegir.

Ian WakeEdit

Ian is a son of Freya.

Valencia BellEdit

Valencia is a daughter of Idunn.

Xavier BrownEdit

Xavier is a son of Tyr.

The Pharaoh SagaEdit

Rafik Sethos


Rafik is the narrator of the Pharoah Saga, and is a son of Ra.